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Experiencing Covid-like symptoms

Fever? Chills? Cough? Shortness of breath?

Over 150,000
units already
sold in Europe

ArtemiC™ Rescue

ArtemiC™ Rescue is intended to promote a healthy, balanced immune response to prevent and correct dangerous overreactions. At the first sign of symptoms, ArtemiC Rescue can be taken for 2 or more consecutive days.

ArtemiC™ Rescue is a clinically tested nutritional supplement made from natural extracts and has been micellised using our patented MyCell™ technology for optimal absorption and effectiveness. ArtemiC ™ Rescue is intended to support your immune system. For daily immune support, inquire about ArtemiC Support support@artemicstore.com.

Boost your immune response

Sometimes your immune system
needs help to regain balance

ArtemiC™ Rescue

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How can natural ingredients be so effective?

Over 40% of modern pharmaceuticals contain active ingredients that are derived from plants or other natural sources. Although many natural ingredients such as those in ArtemiC™ are effective, they share one major weak point: they have poor bioavailability when taken orally.

I fortunately started taking ArtemiC toward the end of my battle with Covid and it certainly expedited my recovery from the Delta variant.
Walter M, Birminham, MI
I heard about ArtemiC while suffering from strep symptoms, specifically a sore throat. My throat felt better after just one dose and my sore throat was gone within 12 hours.
Tiffany H, Sarasota, FL
I started taking ArtemiC when I was experiencing allergy and flu-like symptoms due to Covid. My symptoms subsided within 30 hours of starting ArtemiC. I believe the natural herbs and vitamins found in ArtemiC helped my symptoms subside.
Mike C., Anderson, IN
As a smoker for 40 years, when I contracted Covid I was nervous. I was vaccinated and boosted so I felt very comfortable taking ArtemiC with natural ingredients instead of putting even more pharmaceutical chemicals in my body. I began feeling better in 24 hours and after 36 hours I was symptom free. I truly believe ArtemiC helped me fight the virus so it didn’t become a more serious issue.
JoAnna C, Anderson, IN
As an 81 year old woman living in an assisted living facility, when I was diagnosed with Covid I was very worried because I also have Lupus. I ordered ArtemiC and, within 12 hours, all of my flu-like symptoms like congestion, headache, body-aches, fever and cough were feeling better. I was 100% better after I completed the treatment.
Linda D., Ph.D, Bellevue, WA

This is where our award-winning, patented technology comes into play. The MyCell ™ delivery system increases the bioavailability of the ingredients used in ArtemiC™, thereby granting ArtemiC™ products unparalleled efficacy as targeted dietary supplements for immune support.

MyCell™ makes it possible to put a «protective layer» around oily substances, which allows the active ingredients to be absorbed directly by the body's cells. ArtemiC™ is therefore in perfect harmony with the body, efficient and unique - not only as a formulation, but also as a technology. The encapsulated droplets target the cell and penetrate the cell membrane for immediate results.

These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. The information contained on this page is for educational and informational purposes only. In particular, the information posted here does not constitute medical advice or a suggestion as to how a referenced product or ingredient could be used to prevent, treat or cure any disease, pain, deformity, injury, or other physical or mental condition.

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